Understand the multi-layer structure and scalability of DAOs

DAO Treasury Asset Under Management, DeepDAO, 2022

DAO-Pod Architecture

  • Independently manage the funds in Pod, which can be used for external investment, donation, Swap, service procurement, etc.
  • Initiate Coodinape rounds (a DAO tool used to distribute rewards and payrolls), or by other means, allocate the compensation to the contributors internally.
  • Pod vault can also be used for fund receivables, but the funds in the vault as one still belong to the parent DAO.
  • The ownership of Pod vault is vested in the parent DAO, with the multi-sig committee acting only as the authorized administrator.
  • A Pod cannot change the multi-sig committee members and their respective multi-sig weights without authorization, nor can it change the multi-sig rules. Those rights are vested in the parent DAO.
  • Parent DAO has the right to withdraw the Pod funds and cancel the Pod;
  • Parent DAO may set certain limitations for the fund payment of Pod to reduce funding risks, such as single transaction limitations, daily transaction limitations, black and white lists of payments, etc..
  • By delegating Pods, significantly reduced the pressure on DAO governance, allowing DAO members to focus their voting efforts on core critical issues.
  • By appointing multisign committees, it allows professionals to decide on professional affairs. Creating Pods that delegate out not just the right to manage funds, but the right to decide on affairs within a certain scope.
  • By dividing Pods, small teams with small scale and tacit cooperation can control a part of the resources of the DAO, so as to realize fast decision making and quick actions, allowing DAO’s grassroots to obtain execution power comparable to that of a centralized organization.
  • Make it easier for the DAO to manage its budget by depositing funds into the Pod.
  • By creating a temporary Pod and electing an administrator, it is easy for DAOs to perform time-sensitive actions, such as external asset swaps and asset bids

From Two-layer to Multi-layer

Pod to DAO

Independent Pod

Multi-layer structure makes DAO organizations more vitality

Activating the power of “squad”

The straw hat gang in “One Piece” are 9 members

Catalyzing DAO to DAO Collaboration


  • From a technical perspective, a Pod is a multisign wallet, which can be subordinated to a DAO or another Pod or can exist independently, and a Pod can be upgraded to a DAO by creating a governance layer.
  • From the perspective of organization, a Pod is an organizational unit, with Pods at the grassroots level often being a squad of close collaboration, in which individuals can give full play to their talents.
  • From a financial perspective, a Pod is a set of packaged assets that can be exchanged, transferred, and mortgaged. Packaging assets into Pods simplifies the transaction process for multiple assets and saves Gas costs.
  • From a business perspective, a Pod is a project, or business unit, under a DAO, which may be temporary or long-lived.





Founders fund in Polkadot ecosystem, running as a DAO venture. Long Polkadot, short Web2.0

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Founders fund in Polkadot ecosystem, running as a DAO venture. Long Polkadot, short Web2.0

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